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36 Hours – St. Pete Beach – NYT

A couple weeks ago I received probably the best email I’ve ever gotten – a request to shoot a 36 Hours story on one of my favorite places in the world, St. Pete Beach.

I was instructed to hit up the major hotspots – the iconic Don Cesar, the charming and kitschy John’s Pass Boardwalk – but I was also told to wander and explore. Here’s what I saw.

Story can be read here.

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2016: Florida Edition

Hey friends. Long time to see! I think I’m contesting the record for the most neglected blog in the photojournalism community, seeing as my last post was from my Boston Globe internship back in 2014. Yeah whoops.

Apparently it’s 2017, and this last year as absolutely flown by. But here are some photos to prove that 2016 happened, as much as we’d all like to forget.

This year I moved twice, worked in two different newsrooms, started my first staff photographer job, fell in love and built my first piece of IKEA furniture. I covered and lived through one of the greatest modern American tragedies, the Pulse nightclub shooting, the most tumultuous presidential campaign any of us have ever seen and a hurricane. I carved out a place for myself in Florida, the last place I ever thought I would be.

But now it’s time to move forward and break from my zone of comfort. 2017 will be a year of conscious emotional, professional and personal growth. We can all agree that 2016 was a garbage year, but the only way we can recover is by putting forth our best individual effort to making ourselves better and this world better. That’s all folks. See you in another three years!


Carmelita Eggebrecht cries as she holds up a 100 foot-long rainbow flag outside of the funeral for Luis Vielma, 22, a victim of the June 12th Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando. Dozens of supporters held the flag up for over five hours to provide the family protection and privacy from protestors such as the Westboro Baptist Church, who demonstrated around Orlando in the days following the massacre.


Athletes leap over hurdles in the 100 meter hurdle preliminary race during the FHSAA statewide track and field finals on Friday afternoon, May 6, 2016 at the IMG Academy in Bradenton.


Amateur wrestlers train in a large storage container, which was turned into the headquarters for the American Combat Wrestling. Athletes with dreams of making it to the big league often start in local wrestling organizations, making little to no money by performing at bars and events.


Left, Anthony Cameron at a rally for Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders. ‘He’s the biggest supporter for civil rights. For my rights. And he can’t be bought,’ says Cameron, ‘That’s why I support him and nobody else.” Right, Randy Chapman shows off his Trump apparel during a rally for Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. ‘I bought this tie 30 minutes ago and I bought this scarf right outside.’ says Chapman, ‘I support Trump because he’s an in-house man! That’s why he’s a house-hold name now.’ Center, Sakai Cherenfant, 11, holds a picture of his deceased step-father, Dequan Randolph and his mother, Rosemary Randolph, during a candlelight vigil for Dequan Randolph in Bradenton. Family and friends gathered for a memorial to Randolph, who was shot and killed on Thursday, November 3, at the site of the shooting to share prayers and memories.


Robert Perez loads his possessions into garbage bags after a rotting oak tree fell onto his mobile home on Thursday night due to high winds from Hurricane Hermine. Robert returned to his mobile home on Saturday afternoon, September 3, 2016 to salvage any possessions that might have survived the storm. “I’m homeless now, when it really comes down to it,” says Robert.


Family and friends comfort José Vielma after he broke down in tears against the fence during a vigil remembering his son, Luis Vielma, a victim of the June 12th Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando that left 50 dead.

west bradenton evict

Michelle Elliot listens to a recording of an abusive incident with her landlord, Brenda Cays, as her boyfriend CJ Schumacher paces in their home in West Bradenton.


Patience Carter, 20 of Philadelphia, breaks down in tears as Neil Finkler, Chief Medical Officer, comforts her as she recounts the events at the Pulse night club during a press conference with fellow survivor, Angel Santiago, 32, also from Philadelphia, on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 at the Florida Hospital Orlando. The two survived the shooting at Pulse, an Orlando night club that left 50 dead, by hiding in bathroom stalls on Sunday June 12, 2016 in Orlando.

santa gt bray

Children play and throw snow in a temporary winter wonderland filled with fake snow as hundreds of families attended the “A Night Before Christmas” celebration on Saturday evening, December 3, 2016 at GT Bray park in Bradenton.

County girls weightlifting 122116

Manatee High School sophomore Esperanza Lopez pushes herself to the limit during the clean and jerk event at the Manatee County’s Girls Weightlifting Championship on Tuesday afternoon, December 20, 2016 at Manatee High School in Bradenton.


Michael Harvey, 7, screams to get the attention of passing Tennessee players so they can sign his football after beating the Northwestern Wildcats during the 30th Annual Outback Bowl on Friday afternoon, January 1st, 2016 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. The Volunteers took home the win, with a final score of 45-6, keeping their win streak alive. Fans around the tunnel chant “Sign his football!” as the Tennessee Volunteers return to the locker room.


Divers jump from their boats as Archbishop Demetrios throws the blessed cross into the bayou during Tarpon Springs’ 110th Epiphany celebration on Wednesday afternoon, January 6, 2016 at St. Nicolas Greek Orthodox Church in Tarpon Springs.




David Ingram rests on a piece of the damaged house while helping his friends gather their belongings after Hurricane Hermine passed through Central Florida on Thursday. “There isn’t any furniture left in there,” said Ingram, “We have nowhere to rest.”

homeless stand down

Roland Williams, 5, wears a money printed smock while receiving a free haircut during Homeless Stand Down, a free event to help out the struggling and homeless population of Manatee County on Saturday morning, November 5, 2016 at the Manatee County Fairgrounds in Palmetto. Hundreds of residents flocked to the event for medical assistance, free food, haircuts and even acupuncture supplied by the volunteers.

NAACP protest

Ruth Beltran, community organizer for Black Lives Matter and ANSWER Coalition, shouts into a megaphone during a protest against alleged discrimination from Bradenton Police outside the Bradenton City Police Department on Saturday morning, November 19, 2016 in downtown Bradenton. Members of Black Lives Matter, the NAACP and ANSWER Coalition were amongst the organized protestors who made their way down Old Main street through the farmers market and down to Manatee Avenue at 9th street, where they blocked traffic for several minutes.

Braden River foot 101516

A young fan peeks over the fence wearing a homemade #20 t-shirt during Braden River High School’s game at Venice High School on Friday night, October 14, 2016 in Venice.


Armwood’s Moses Wells squirts his water bottle into the air during a pre-game chant before Armwood’s game against Tate High School on Friday night, December 4, 2015 at Armwood High School. The Hawks lead 36-7 at the half, after a 55 yard run from Trevor Laurent.


Tristan Schultheis, of Astronaut High School, attempts to break the state record for Boy’s High Jump during the FHSAA statewide track and field finals on Friday afternoon, May 6, 2016 at the IMG Academy in Bradenton.


Bailey Hertenstein, of Riverview High School, trips and hits the ground heading into the final lap of the 4A 1600 meter race during the FHSAA statewide track and field finals on Saturday afternoon, May 7, 2016 at the IMG Academy in Bradenton. Hertenstein came back from her fall in the final lap to win the race with a time of 5:05.14.


A sprinkled doughnut from Jupiter Donuts is seen at the Tampa Bay Times studio on Friday, July 6, 2016 in St. Petersburg.


FHSAA Official Steve Pierce records distance in the shot-put finals during the FHSAA statewide track and field finals on Friday afternoon, May 6, 2016 at the IMG Academy in Bradenton.


Members of the Southeast High School marching band wait to take the field before their game on Friday, October 28 in Bradenton.



From left, Austin Norton, 10, Rohan Goshi, 13, Skyler Norton, 6, Trey Norton, 13, and their babysitter, Nicole Padro, 22, play in floodwaters on Bayshore Boulevard as rain and waves from Tampa Bay flood the street before Hurricane Hermine makes landfall on Thursday afternoon, September 1, 2016 in Tampa, Florida.


Tareq Dajani leads a memorial service for the victims of the shooting at Pulse, an Orlando night club, that has left 50 dead on Sunday, June 12, 2016 at Baitul-Aafiya Mosque in Orlando. “I just thought ‘here we go again.’ They will come after us again.” says Tareq Dajani, a member of the Mosque, “Islam does not allow these actions. True Islam prohibits it.”

Braden River foot 101516

Braden River’s Tommie Battie sits on the ground exhausted after a Venice touchdown during Braden River High School’s game at Venice High School on Friday night, October 14, 2016 in Venice.


Stefani Keller and Grayson Hall leap at the net for a successful block during Manatee High School’s game against Sarasota High School on Tuesday evening, October 18, 2016 at Manatee High School. The Hurricanes swept the Sailors three sets to zero in the district semifinals.


Supporters and a lone protestor scream as Presidential Candidate Donald Trump takes the stage during a rally at the University of South Florida Sun Dome on Friday evening, February 12, 2016 in Tampa.


Chicago Bears strong safety Harold Jones-Quartey intercepts a pass intended for Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Charles Sims during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game against the Chicago Bears on Sunday, December 27, 2015 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. The Buccaneers couldn’t bring in the win against the Bears, losing 26-21 during their last home game of the season.


Parade-goers attend during Gasparilla on Saturday afternoon, January 30, 2016 in downtown Tampa.


Boo Johnson, of Long Beach, grinds along a rail in open practice during the Tampa Pro skateboarding competition on Friday afternoon, March 3, 2016 at the Skatepark of Tampa. Some of the best skaters from around the world have gathered in Tampa for several skateboarding competitions over the weekend.


Members from “Together is Beautiful” blow bubbles from toy guns during the St. Petersburg Pride parade on Saturday evening, June 25, 2016 on Central Avenue in St. Petersburg. The celebrated Pride Parade occurred just two weeks after the Pulse nightclub shooting, which targeted members of the LGBTQ community.


David Weidner rests in the grass after completing the half marathon during the second day of the Gasparilla Distance Classic on Saturday morning, February 20, 2016 in downtown Tampa.

Globe Roundup Post!

Little late on this, but here are some of my favorite photos from my internship at The Boston Globe. Truly blesses to work alongside the Globe staff and I hope my path leads me back to their newsroom.

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June roundup post!

Hey all! Just posting some of my favorite photos from my first month at the Globe. Thanks for the eyes!















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Worst Weather in the World: Mount. Washington, New Hampshire

My first assignment at the Globe brought me to a Holiday Inn in Conway, New Hampshire. About a 30 minute drive from Mount Washington, notorious for the worst weather on earth. A solid 36 degrees at the summit and constantly shifting weather patterns made for a great first assignment (and birthday, if I might add)

Easily one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, and definitely the most beautiful place I’ve been sent on assignment.

Here’s a link to the story!

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Mt Washington Blog05

Mt Washington Blog06

Mt Washington Blog07

Mt Washington Blog08

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Mt Washington Blog10

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Mt Washington Blog12

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Mt Washington Blog16

Oh, and also a huge thanks/shoutout to our talented reporter and driver, David Filipov, for risking all of our lives to get the story (and driving us up 5,200 feet safely).

Mt Washington Blog17

Brothers and sisters, blogging is important.. remember that. Here’s some cool daily stuff I’ve been shooting. I’ve been trying to break my instinctual center-balanced composition ways. And I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. Rest your eyes on some of these pretty pictures and lend me your support and luck.. CPOY is right around the corner. Hopefully next blog post I’ll have the foundation of a PHOTO STORY in the works and that should be really cool.

Also I’m posting pretty regularly on Instagram these days, follow me @zackwittman

Thanks for your love and eyeballs.

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Where did August go?

Wake me up when September ends Amiright? I’ve been trying to blog monthly so here’s some of my favorite daily stuff from the past couple of weeks.